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Disciple Making

In the Bible, Disciple Making is the core principle to Jesus’ Great Commission, and the means by which the Gospel will be spread to the ends of the earth. Recently, there has been more and more of a resurgence in the interest and passion for making and multiplying disciples. From church planting movements in the East, to tran- sitions in resourcing in the West, discipleship and disciplemaking have been thrust to the forefront of the movement of the Gospel around the world today.

Yet, even though the concept of Disciple Making has been gaining more notoriety, the patterns and practices of making and multiplying reproducing disciples are still very much a need in the conversations and actions sur- rounding discipleship. During Verge 2013 we will demystify Disciple Making and get to the core of the content, context, culture, and process of making and multiplying gospel-centered, reproducing disciples.


February 28 – March 2, 2013 | Austin, TX


Verge 2013 Conference Booklet

Main Session 1

Disciple Making: There Is No Plan B

Main Session 2

Patterns & Practices of Disciple Making: Missional People and Missional Communities

Main Session 3

The Content of Disciple Making: Getting To The Heart Of It All

Main Session 4

Culture and Disciple Making: Building Bridges and Removing Barriers

Main Session 5

The Process of Disciple Making: 8 Non-Negotiable Steps to Making & Multiplying Disciples

Main Session 6

Living The Future Church: The Context of Disciple Making 

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