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For The Gospel, For The City, For The Nations

The themes that have shaped this conference are incarnational ministry and disciple making. These words are used often in the Missional Church but easily misunderstood. Over the course of the next few days, we hope to explore the biblical understanding of discipleship and its practical implications for ministering to our friends, neighbors, and co-workers in the context of the 21st century. Leading thinkers and practitioners will be your guide as we begin to uncover the ways in which we can personally, locally, and globally engage in the mission of God. We hope that this will stimulate conversations that will work to renew your community’s journey to see the spark of the gospel of Jesus transform, renew, and multiply.


Feb. 28 – March 1, 2012
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Main Session 1 | For The City

Rudy Carrasco: For The City: Business For The Good Of The City | VIDEO
Dr. Bob Lupton: For The City: From Toxic Charity to Redemptive Incarnational Ministry | VIDEO
John Sowers: For The City: Mentoring a Fatherless Generation For The City | VIDEO
Dr. John Perkins: For The City: Let Justice Roll Down | VIDEO
Propaganda: For The City: Spoken Word | VIDEO

Main Session 2 | Incarnational Mission

Alan Hirsch: Incarnational Mission: A Framework for Incarnational Mission | VIDEO
Dave Ferguson: Incarnational Mission: B.L.E.S.S. | VIDEO
Hugh Halter: Incarnational Mission: Sacrilegious Mission | VIDEO
Jon Tyson: Incarnational Mission: How To Sustain Incarnational Mission | VIDEO
Sara’s Story – Trinity Grace Church | SHORT FILM
Leonce Crump II: Incarnational Mission: Practicing the Ministry of Presence | VIDEO
Mike Breen: Incarnational Mission:  Incarnational Mission IS Disciplemaking | VIDEO
Jen Hatmaker: Incarnational Mission:  The Cancer of Consumerism | VIDEO
Todd Engstrom: Incarnational Mission:  Practical Ways To Be An Incarnational Missionary | VIDEO
Jeff Vanderstelt: Incarnational Mission: Stay Among and Die | VIDEO

Main Session 3 | For The Gospel

Jeff Vanderstelt: For The Gospel: Understanding How We Run From God (A Picture of the Prodigal Sons in Luke 15) | VIDEO
Propaganda: For The Gospel: Two Different Ways We Run From God – Spoken Word on the Prodigal Sons in Luke 15 | VIDEO
Matt Carter (feat Aaron Ivey Band): For The Gospel: True Worship | VIDEO

Main Session 4 | Incarnational Leadership

Alan Hirsch: Incarnational Leadership: Understanding The 5-Fold Ministry | VIDEO
Dhati Lewis: Incarnational Leadership: The Church Is Not An Orphanage | VIDEO
Tom Lin: Incarnational Leadership: The Road Less Sexy | VIDEO
Tara Russell: Incarnational Leadership: Cultivating The Soil Of The Heart | VIDEO
Jeremy Story: Incarnational Leadership: Prayer | VIDEO
Dave Gibbons: Incarnational Leadership: Listening To The Holy Spirit | VIDEO
Love Your Enemies |  SHORT FILM

Main Session 5 | Disciplemaking

Neil Cole: Disciplemaking: Little Known Secrets of Disciplemaking | VIDEO
Rodrick Gilbert: Disciplemaking: Making Disciples That Multiply | VIDEO
George Patterson: Disciplemaking: Being The People Of “Yes!” | VIDEO
Kevin Peck: Disciplemaking: There Is No Plan B | VIDEO
Jo Saxton: Disciplemaking: Information, Imitation & Innovation | VIDEO
Jeff Vanderstelt: Disciplemaking: The Heart Of It All | VIDEO
STORYFRAMES | Missional Community Baptism 

Main Session 6 | For The Nations

Rick Warren & Ying Kai: For The Nations: Disciplemaking That Changes The World (Interview) | VIDEO
Matt Carter: For The Nations: Unleashing The People Of God For The Glory Of God | VIDEO
David Platt | For The Nations: God’s Glory Among The Nations | VIDEO

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