Adventure Trips – Mexico City


Mexico City is a juxtaposition of First and Third world, ancient myths and new ideas,
beautiful landscapes and urban crime. Our Adventure Trip project includes visits to the “real” Mexico City, far from tourist areas, and gives you unique opportunities to experience its culture and get to know its residents.

Trip Details

Each trip includes Urban Mashup, Urban Heritage, Urban Injustice, 12 Hour Shadow, Mexico City Tox, and The Retreat. Urban Specialists guide each experience.

Our Urban specialists are musicians, artists, architects, entrepreneurs, designers and engineers as well as a few high-profile expats who’ve found the beauty of the city.

They are mapping the city every day and have had a part in imagining and drawing Mexico City as well as in the telling of its narrative.

The Urban Specialists and Translators

Benny Yu – XEALOT Guide, founder El Pozo de Vida, A.C.
April Anderson – Ph.D. in Mexican History
Miguel Rajas – National Bboy leader

Urban Mashup

Urban Mashup provides a deeper understanding of the paradoxes inherent to this First and Third world city. Whether you’re on a scavenger hunt, interviewing locals, visiting historical sites or enjoying a 5-star meal, you’ll be asked to observe, listen and reflect on the disparities you see. A local guide will lead you through this mashup and you’ll have plenty of time to learn about family, politics, economy, worldview and life in the city.

Urban Mashup may take you…..
…to a downtown market
…to interview a street vendor, university student, or maid
…to a 5-star restaurant
…to meet a migrant recently back from working in the US
…to connect with a dance instructor surviving through his art
…to learn from an ex-pat Ph.D with the low-down on the city’s complexity
…to experience a nightclub downtown

Urban Heritage

See the universe from an indigenous perspective, recognize first-hand the impact of colonial and missiological imperialism and native mythology, and experience one muralist’s striking take on Mexican history. An Urban Specialist will join you and explain the city’s urban heritage from his perspective.

Urban Heritage may give you….
…a day trip to the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon
…a solemn stroll through a cathedral built with remnants of a demolished pyramid
…a visit to the National Palace and a tour of the impressive murals of Diego Rivera
…a striking view from Chapultepec Castle and a tour of the Museum of History
…a relaxing boat ride (once the only way to travel through Mexico City) in Xochimilco Park.

Urban Injustice

Revolution, independence, racism, corruption, socioeconomic divide and human- trafficking: all of these are present in Mexico City every day. Urban Injustice will present this reality, ask you to make sense of it, and challenge you to take a role in ending it. You will also visit two on-the-ground, hands-on projects pressing against the tide of modern day slavery.

Urban Injustice may show you…..
….a reflective walk through the largest prostitution district in Latin America
…a clandestine beauty salon providing services to working girls
…a home for rescued trafficking victims

12 Hour Shaddow

Anyone can walk down the street and take in the sights, but our Adventure Trip dares you to take a closer look. Participants in the 12 Hour Shadow will each spend a day living alongside a Mexico City resident, learning from local people who work hard for a living.

You may shadow….
…a professional dance instructor
…a B-Boy dance crew member
…a labor lawyer
…a property investor

Mexico City Tox

This is an unconventional tour through one of Mexico City’s many high-energy, noisy weekend spots. It will emphasize the TOX, or the “City within the City.” An Urban Specialist will provide unique insider glimpses, discussing the city’s history, culture and arrival at this modern context.

The Retreat

Teams finish their trip with two days and one night in the sleepy resort town of Cuernavaca. As well as relaxing by the pool soaking in the sun, this final part of our Adventure Trip will allow for guided feedback, questions, discussion, and reflection on the personal impact of the Adventure Trip program.

General Itinerary

The schedule may change depending on arrival times. Participants who choose to arrive earlier or stay later will need to make travel arrangements from the airport as well as hotel booking for any days not included in the schedule.

Day 1:
Pick up at airport
Check-in at hotel
Urban Tox Phase 1: Heritage (Teotihuacan)

Day 2:
Breakfast with Urban Specialist
Urban Tox Phase 2: Heritage (Downtown sites, Chapultepec or Xochimilco)
Lunch with Urban Specialist

Day 3:
Pick up at hotel
Urban Tox Phase 3: 12 hour shadow begins 7 a.m.-6 p.m.
Urban Tox Phase 4: Mashup (Smart Casual Dress Code. Long trousers and closed shoes for gentlemen. No torn jeans, sleeveless tops, shorts or flip-flops for ladies and gents.)

Day 4:
Early breakfast
Urban Tox Phase 5: Mashup (Community study/interview, scavenger hunt/downtown errand)
Evening meal

Day 5:
Urban Tox Phase 6: Injustice (El Pozo and La Merced)
Evening meal and discussion time with Urban Specialist
Departure to Cuernavaca

Day 6:
R &R & reflection
Return to Mexico City
Dinner and a movie (Lucha Libre, Nightclub)

Day 7:
To airport


México City is located on México’s high central plateau and because of the high altitude (over 7000 feet) the city enjoys a relatively mild climate all year. Summer and winter both are generally mild. The evenings can get cool enough for a jacket all year long, so be prepared. Afternoon rains come during the summer months, June to September. Usually the rain lasts for a few hours after which the sun comes out and the air is much cleaner. October to May are, most often, the driest months and February to May are the warmest months.


September 24-30, 2013

Trip Cost

US $2,300 + Airfare (Regular Price)
US $1,600 + Airfare (Discounted Price for limited time)

Included in the price:
All local travel
All meals
Lodging (5 nights based on double occupancy)
Urban specialist
Translator fees