How To Respond To A Culture That Is Increasingly Hostile To Biblical Marriage

“This is not the time for Christians to panic. We have a God who is sovereign. The Supreme Court can do many things, but the Supreme Court can not get Jesus Christ back in the grave. And so we ought to be the people of joyful confidence…

We need to be the people who know how to articulate a Christian vision of marriage and sexuality that will be increasingly counter-cultural…

[Many] believe that what the Court has done today is to give them something that will fulfill them and  make them happy. I think that as the woman at the well that Jesus encountered at Samaria – it won’t do that.

Our churches need to be the places who can receive the refugees from the sexual revolution – those who have been hurt and harmed by it. We can’t do that if we give up the Gospel… And we can’t do that if we’re angry at our neighbors and screaming at them rather than loving them…” – Russell Moore

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