About Verge Coaching

We all know the power of mentorship. That one leader that steps into your life at just the right moment, with just the right kind of experiences, tools and resources, to help you take the next step, get over the next hurdle, face the next challenge or solve the next problem as a leader. And that is why we created Verge Coaching: to connect you with a transformative mentor and group, helping you to break through, keep growing and lead well.



Verge Network started in 2010 as a ministry of the Austin Stone Community Church with a dream of equipping Christian leaders for mission. After numerous conferences and online resourcing reaching millions of leaders in every country in the world, what we’re finding more and more as Verge provides online resources to more than 274,000 students and members is this: leaders want coaching – interaction with a mentor and practitioner that goes beyond the conferences, events, online courses, and gets into the nitty-gritty of applying the Gospel to everyday life and leadership.


So welcome to Verge Coaching! Now take the next step: