5 Habits To Kill Apathy In Your Ministry

Leaders, artists, and writers thrive when they adapt healthy rhythms and habits. Here are FIVE HABITS that kill apathy and keep us flourishing in all the in-between-moments of life.

Worship Through Serving

Our role as worship pastors is to use the platform we’ve been given, the songs we write, and influence we have to steward others towards being people of redemption and mercy.

Social Justice – A Counterfeit Of The Real Thing

Social justice without the Gospel is a counterfeit of the real thing - merely a band-aid to a gaping wound. We need to respond with Gospel justice - responding out of the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

How To Endure In Ministry

Noone ever intends to get burned-out, fail morally, or lose heart for people. But enduring in ministry is really difficult.

You Are The Kindred Of God

There's an old word that we don't use a whole lot in our language. And as I've been thinking more about this word and learning more about this word, it's really blown my mind how deep and how rich this word "ki... More...

Are You A Leader Worth Following?

In part 1 of pastoring your band, we looked at three temptations which can torpedo your ministry. Now we’re going to turn and look at what your band will be looking for from you as a leader.