If you’re living on mission you will invariably need to counsel others or be counseled yourself. Shanda Anderson helps us take a deeper look at what that looks like in real life.

*This video is a Lesson from the Master Class, Counseling The Whole PersonIn this Master Class you’ll discover what biblical counseling is (and is not), the heart of counseling, how to apply the Gospel in counseling, and practical ways to rediscover joy in the midst of sin and suffering.

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About The Author

Shanda is a licensed Counselor at the Austin Stone Counseling Center. She received a Master of Education in Counseling from the University of North Texas in 2004. After gaining experience in group, family, and individual counseling at the Juvenile Detention Center in Denton County, she worked at Denton Bible Church for 9 years, establishing a biblical foundation for counseling while focusing on issues surrounding college students. She has been LPC certified since June 2006 and is committed to helping those who are suffering and seeking guidance as they live in a broken and fallen world. Her hearts desire is to walk with women through their trials and, by God’s grace, to see their lives transformed by a growing love, hope, and faith in Jesus Christ. Shanda has experience working with depression, anxiety/stress, addiction, abuse, sexual brokenness, grief/loss, self-injury, relationship issues, shame/guilt, eating disorders/body image, along with specific training in bio-feedback to help those facing chronic pain. She is also a member of the Association of Biblical Counselors and is a Licensed Supervisor.

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