She Was Overlooked And Counted Out, But This Story Of Forgiveness Is What The World Needs More Of

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Mutant seeds are the most valuable. To the untrained eye you would throw it away because it’s so different than the other seeds. But this is the priceless seed that God places in nature to prepare it’s family of seeds for the environmental changes that are happening in the world.

The same is true with the fringe, people you may overlook or count as out. At best you suggest a 12 step group or a celebrate recovery tribe. The reality is these are the future leaders of movements. In SMALL CLOUD RISING (get it now on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1aZ4VKP) , the new book by Dave Gibbons, you see how there is a group of people emerging who are part of this growing community changing the world.  One example is Maribel. See her story.