Five Tips for a Successful Daddy Daughter Date

As a father of two girls, I couldn’t recommend taking your girls out for dates more highly. In addition to being a lot of fun, these dates give me a chance to pursue two goals that I have for my girls:

  • To model how much God loves them. God calls himself a Father, so the way a dad loves his daughter is a big influence on how that young woman will feel about God for her whole life.
  • To model how a man of integrity treats a lady on a date. I want my girls to make good choices when it comes to dating one day, so it’s up to me to show them what a quality man looks like.

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With those two goals in mind, I’d like to offer Five Tips for a Successful Daddy Daughter Date:

(1) Pray. Ask God to make this a special night of blessing for you both. You would want a young man who was taking your daughter out on a date to pray before the date, so modeling starts with this important step.

(2) Invite her. Don’t just assume that she’ll join you – ask her! Tell her you would be honored if she would join you for dinner and dancing. Buy her a card or write her a note. Make sure she knows how much you want her to come with you.

(3) Make her feel special. Dress up for your date. Go outside and knock on the door to pick her up. Buy her flowers. Open doors for her. Act like the man that you want her to one day marry will treat her. Make her feel how much you cherish her.

(4) Make it about her. Choose an activity that she will enjoy, even if it’s not your favorite. Go to a restaurant she likes. Talk about things she’s interested in. Listen to the music she likes in the car.

(5) Put away your phone. No email or tweet is as important as the young lady you are taking on a date. Keep your phone in your pocket, and don’t watch the clock. There’s no need to rush through the date. Show her that she’s worth your full attention.

If you follow those five tips, you’ll be well on your way to making your daughters know how much you love them, and you’ll be giving them a great picture of how much God their heavenly Father loves them.

Do you have any additional tips for a successful Daddy Daughter Date? Share them with me at [email protected] or on Twitter at @johnmurk.