4 Summer Reflection Questions for Fall Planning

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While the summer is a “break” for Missional Communities and most churches slow down their activity, the fall can feel like a sprint as things kick into full speed. School is back in session, the end of the year push is on at many companies and churches often kickstart their push for involvement and engagement.

The fall push usually provides little time for community group or missional community leaders to plan for vision, consider areas of growth and specific prayer requests to be asking of God for the next season. While we have a large leader’s gathering to celebrate, re-calibrate vision, and be inspired by one another for the fall, the summer gives some unique space to prayerfully reflect on what God desires for you to do this fall as a missional community.

Whether you are the leader, new to missional communities, or a committed member of the missional community family, it’s essential to listen to God and reflect on where He is leading.

As you do, here are 4 questions to help you consider what God has for you this fall.

1)   What should we continue to cultivate?

What you are celebrating could become what you are mourning if you stop cultivating the healthy part of your community. What makes your missional community great? How will that continue and who will be a part of cultivating it?

2)   What is the 1 area of growth we hope to see as a missional community?

Like resolutions, more than a couple is just a way of fooling yourself and it is best to settle on one. We often want to try and changes everything all at once instead of gradually changing and growing the way God has designed it. The analogies for sanctification are a child to an adult and a seed to a tree. Change takes time, so focus on seeing 1 area of your missional community grow and take the pressure off of yourself to be perfect this fall.

What is the 1 area of growth you want to see in your missional community this fall? 4 question’s to consider http://bit.ly/1ASlMYX

3)   In what ways can we join God in loving our neighbors this fall?

God is already moving in your friends, family, and neighbors’ lives. You are simply identifying where He is moving and coming alongside of His work to reveal His good news and great love to those around you.  Consider some specific ways in which you can create margin and space to engage in the lives of those around you.

As you consider this, identify the natural events and celebrations your neighbors and city will participate in this fall. Football season is coming, so is Halloween, apple picking, serving Thanksgiving meals to those in need, and a new semester at school. How can you be a part of or create ways to love your friends and neighbors during these fall activities?

In what ways can you join God in loving your neighbors this fall?

4)   What 3 prayer requests will do we want to see God answer for our community?

Seeing God move is always an amazing encouragement and watching Him answer specific prayer requests is next level. Identify 3 specific prayer requests that you want God to answer this fall. Pray them often, pray them as a community, and watch expectantly.

This Last Year…

The leaders of our community shared with us that they were praying for a regular meeting space for our community, for growth, and specifically for a young married couple to join our community. God answered all of those prayers as we grew into a family on the mission of God together.

I’m excited to see what the fall brings as we continue to cultivate what God has done in our community and we prayerfully seek to join Him as He works in those around us.

I encourage you to consider this as an individual, but also to discuss it informally and formally with your community as the fall approaches and begins. This must be a community effort and not merely a singular leader trying to accomplish everything.  It’s tempting to try and do everything, it’s far more joyful to share in God’s work with a community.

It’s tempting to do everything as a leader, but far more joyful to share in God’s work as a community. @logangentry