Put This On Your Calendar

I’ve always been bothered by the amount of time we (me included) are willing to spend planning, prioritizing, brainstorming, etc… as it relates to our business versus the amount of time we are willing to spend doing the same as it relates to our marriage and family.  It’s really foolish if you think about it.  Compare what we have to lose in both areas.  In business, a few bucks.  In family, a few generations.

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In the business world meetings are a way of life.  In my previous employment, we had status meetings, staff meetings, vision meetings, kick off meetings, operations meetings, creative meetings, brainstorm meetings, and so on.  Some of the meetings were good.  Some were bad.  Some were needed and some weren’t.  But, overall… we had too many meetings.  

As many meetings as we had during the week, the one I almost always looked forward to was our team’s weekly staff meeting.  It was the one time during all of our hectic schedules of going in different directions that our team was able to take a breath, encourage each other, ask questions of each other’s projects, make sure we were accomplishing the things necessary to achieve our common goals, and strategically plan for the future.  Typically I would go into the meeting with questions and lacking clarity and motivation.  But after the meeting I would normally feel encouraged, motivated, and clear on the things I needed to accomplish to help meet the team’s shared goals, and excited about what’s coming next.

As in business, I think marriages would be wise to adopt a “Marriage Staff Meeting” into their weekly routine.  But not just to discuss the physical aspects of marriage – financial matters, home improvement projects, and to-do lists – but, the spiritual and emotional aspects as well.

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Why don’t you contact your spouse right now and let them know your desire to start a “Marriage Staff Meeting”.  Plan a date and time where it works for the both of you to get together THIS WEEK.  If your schedule is like mine, it might take the entire first meeting to find a slot where the both of you can agree on a time that works on a weekly basis!  This could be the most important meeting you put in your schedule all week!

Put in on the calendar as soon as possible.  Your legacy is at stake!

This article was originally posted on July 9, 2013 on marriagerevolution.com. To see an outline of what a weekly “Marriage Staff Meeting” could look like, click here to see a PDF resource from Marriage Revolution entitled “Marriage Staff Meeting“.