[podcast #6] How to be a Missional Mom

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Do you ever feel like there is a war between your role in the kingdom and your role as a mom? How do you create a culture of christian moms who value their children, but value Jesus more? Listen to Helen Lee use inspiration and imagination to give advice on how to be both missional and a mom.

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Here are some questions to process with God and the people around you:
1. What are some of the gifts that God has given you? What are some ways in which you can operate out of those giftings as a mom? 

2. What are some practical things you can do to send the message to your children that Jesus is your highest authority and your most valued treasure? 

3. What we are asking isn’t easy. That’s why you need help. How can you create conversations within your community about being missional mom’s together? 

4. It’s not about adding to your already busy life. It’s about re-centering your life. Where are the places you are already going to on a daily basis with your kids-soccer practice, piano lessons, PTA, or even the local park? How can you seek out intentional and missional relationships with the people in those places? Talk with your community about ways you can be intentional with the lost in your daily routine.

Take 30 seconds to pray this prayer. 
God, please show me how to use my giftings for you and your kingdom. Please open doors and give me opportunities to declare your glory to both my kids and to the people around me.