3 Tips To Craft Great Transitions in Corporate Worship

This post comes from material from the Austin Stone Worship Leader Development Program. Click here to learn more about developing as a worship leader.

Communicate with the teaching pastor

  • Ask for the passage of scripture he is preaching from
  • Ask for information about how he is landing the plane
  • Ask how he wants to go into the sermon from worship and how you should hand it off

Read the passage of scripture

  • Pray for discernment as you continue to prepare

Use Planning Center Online

  • Look at the songs that have been led at this campus/church over the past 2 months
  • See which songs seem familiar, which songs seem over played, what songs will fall fresh on the congregants ears and need to be kept in front of them
  • Create a list of 10-20 songs that are possibilities
  • Pray again for wisdom and visualize how to go from one song to the next
  • Pick a song or two that are no brainers that go along with the sermon, or clearly need to be kept in front of the congregation during specific season of worship
  • Visualize praying or briefly teaching within the worship set
  • Pray and ask God to bless your preparation process.

Tweet This: The Holy Spirit is just as likely to bless the preparation as He is to bless you in the moment. #worshipplanning

Tweet This: God stands outside of time, He can bless you in your preparation AND in the moment. #worshipplanning @loganwalter

Tweet This: Your Sunday morning set list planning process should be an act of private worship. #worshipplanning  @loganwalter

Tweet This: Your private worship to God should always outweigh your public worship. #worshipplanning @asworship @loganwalter

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