I Would Never!

I say it. You say it. We all say it…when referring to someone else’s sin.

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“Can you believe he did thatI would never.”
“I can’t believe you do that. I would never.”
“Is she actually thinking about doing that? I would never.” 

And maybe we wouldn’t. But somebody did, or somebody will. And one day, you even might.

Because your “I Would Nevers” are somebody else’s “I Wish I Didn’ts.” And we all have our “I Wish I Didn’ts.” Lots of them.photo[3]

But there is good news! It’s for the “I Would Nevers” and the “I Wish I Didn’ts” that God sent His Son into the world. Christ’s blood is sufficient to cover them all. The ones we’ve confessed and the ones we’ve kept hidden. The ones we’ve forgiven and the ones we’ve held onto. His death was enough to pay for them, and His resurrection, enough to conquer them.

Tweet this: But there is good news for the “I Would Nevers” and the “I Wish I Didn’ts” #vergewomen

And so, the One Who Never Sins says to all of us, whether we have done something we never thought we would, or someone has hurt us in a way we never thought they could:

You would never have come to me, so I came for you.”
“I died for you. I live to intercede for you. I will never leave you.”
“Follow me, and you’ll find yourself saying, ‘I can’t believe He did that!’

For I am able to do immeasurably more than all you can ask or imagine. Infinitely more. Than all of it.”