[podcast #05] Misplaced Identity

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Misplaced identity is going to be a struggle for us until we are perfected, but until then, how can we fight to find our identity in Jesus? Every day, we have opportunities to find our identity in Jesus or in something else. We tend to define who we are by what we do- whether it is in marriage, singleness, motherhood, or in the workplace. Listen as Jamie Ivey and Fabs Harford process thoughts on  identity at Verge conference 2014.

Tweet this:Your identity is actually safe, because it’s all wrapped up in Christ. You have nothing to lose. #vergewomen

Tweet this:If we get our identity from God, then we will be freed up to love other people. #vergewomen

Here are some questions you can process with God and with those around you:

1. Do you feel like you are living in freedom in light of your identity or do you feel like you are striving to create an identity? Do you confuse your mission or even your daily tasks as the thing that defines you? Do you find yourself operating on a daily basis out of your identity in Christ or as an effort to achieve an identity in Christ? (It’s a sneaky distinction!) 

2. When you hear someone giving you correction or you feel challenged, how do you respond? Does anger or insecurity rise up inside of you? What does that tell you about where you are placing your identity? What are some truths from God that will remind you in those moments that your identity is steadfast and doesn’t change according to circumstances?

2. Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. List some of the descriptions it gives of love. When you interact with friends, do you rejoice in the truth or do you cover it up so that you might gain approval? What are some relationships in your life where you might be seeking after their approval more than you are seeking to love them?  Ask God to help you love them out of the freedom he has given you in Christ.