[podcast #02] Kingdom of Self

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What treasure is driving you? Purpose? Success? Marriage? Listen as Jamie Ivey and Fabienne Harford reflect on Paul David Tripp’s session on Ministry as a War at the 2014 Verge conference and discuss the battle for the kingdom of God vs. kingdom of self.


Tweet this:  Don’t pray that God would deliver us from difficulty, pray that He would deliver us from ourselves. @jamie_ivey @fabsharford #vergewomen

Tweet this: Our circumstance is an opportunity to find our identity in a different kingdom. @jamie_ivey @fabsharford #vergewomen

Here are some questions to process with God and the people around you:

1. What would it look like if you saw ministry as a battle of kingdom of self vs. the kingdom of God? What are you treasuring most in your heart?

2. What are some areas in your life or in your ministry where you have made good things, ultimate things? What things are you desiring over the kingdom of God?

3.  Do you believe that God has given you everything you need? What do you do when that doesn’t feel true?

4. What makes you want to throw up your hands and quit? What circumstance in your life, could you take advantage of right now, to find your worth and identity in a different kingdom?

Ask God to give you eyes to see his purpose in every circumstance. Ask him to use this as an opportunity to look more like Jesus.