A Poem to Remind You What Matters Today

Today there will be a million things pulling on you; a million little bullet points on the to-do list of the day, all marked necessary in your mind.  We are like Martha – anxious and troubled about many things.

Take a breath right now.  Stop.  Before you begin to minister to others – to minister FOR Jesus – hear Jesus tell you the truth: there is only one thing that is necessary.  Sit as His feet.  Open His Word.  Listen to Him.  Learn from Him.

It feels like just a book, but through it, God gives life and power for ministry.  Confront your struggle to be in the Word so that you might experience the person of Christ.

Reach Forth

It lays there untouched—

His character and heart displayed.

Other things I choose.

I search for a sign,

Seeking truth in bottles and man.

And still there it sits.

 Fault upon failure.

The gray world is crashing around.

I burn up with it.

Charred hand reaches forth,

Page after page truth is proclaimed.

Beauty from ashes.