Essential Ingredients to a Missional Community

Guest Post by Mike Breen

Today’s post is a simple one, but one I think you’ll find particularly helpful and can serve as a tool to use for other people.

One of the things we talk about a lot in regards to Missional Communities is that they need to be balanced in the way that Jesus’ life was balanced. He had three definitive dimensions to his life, and so with MCs, we should have the same dimensions.

  • UP: time spent focusing on God
  • IN: time spent focusing on others in the body
  • OUT: time spent focusing on those who don’t know Jesus yet

If this is done well in the context of a spiritual extended family on mission together (groups of 20-50), the community, mission and discipleship that occurs through God’s Spirit is stunning.

Earlier today, Thomas Willer, a good friend doing some really exciting things in Copenhagen, sent me this picture of how they are teaching their community how these things relate. Thought this would be something worth sharing.