3 Reasons To Involve Children In Missional Community

So we’ve got a brief theology, the need for a model, and meeting children where they are.  How do we put that together?  For me, I want to integrate my children into as much of our missional community life together as I possibly can in order to faithfully live out those convictions.  I think it’s critical to integrate kids intentionally into your community both for their benefit, as well as the adults.  I have been sharpened in my theology more by having to explain the resurrection to a 4 year old than I have in just about any other way.  I’ve been more equipped to talk about Jesus in everyday life because I have to help my 6 year old understand why he gets angry when things spin out of control.

I integrate kids because I need it!

Other Resources

Several of my friends have written on this topic.  Below are some other thoughts that may serve you well!

What have you found to be helpful in thinking through discipling children in everyday life?


[author image=”https://vergenetwork.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Todd-Engstrom-230.png” ]Todd Engstrom serves as the executive pastor of campuses and communities at The Austin Stone Community Church. He is passionate about the gospel being played out in the context of missional communities and developing leaders who will proclaim and demonstrate the good news of Jesus. He also develops future pastors and church planters through The Austin Stone Institute.[/author]