Why Is Discipleship Important? – Propaganda


Propaganda discusses why discipleship and disciple making is so important.

In the video clip blow he says, “Discipling and discipleship is important essentially because Jesus told us to. I mean that’s the short answer: ‘cause He said to do it. But I think the long answer is, the reality is how do you know what to actually do…? Anybody can, if you’re literate, you can open a Bible and read, ‘Okay, I’m supposed to be the priest in my home. I’m supposed to be good in business…’ Yeah, but on Tuesday at 11:30 what do I do?  But the model for which it seems that God just understands human beings and the reality is we need to see somebody doing that. Someone to come and walk along side of you and say, ‘hey homie, this is how you do it.’

I think of just the most simple examples of like, you know I grew up in Las Angeles and I was young enough to see the high school boys starting the whole skateboarding scene, you know the dog town stuff. I lived close enough to that area to see this culture being started. At the same time, I grew up with a lot of graffiti artists, b boys and stuff like that, and how you learn how to ollie was one of the eighth graders, you went outside on the curb and he was like, ‘Look this is how you do it. No do your feet like that. That’s how you do it.’ And you were apart of the crew, because you were apart of the crew. And since you were apart of us,  I’m gonna show you how to do this. With my family, like I didn’t have to try out to be my parent’s child. There was no auditions for that. No, you are already my kid, now I’m gonna show you what it means to be apart of this family. We wash dishes at this time. We respect our elders. That was happening as we were living. I think it’s the same with the body of Christ. You’re in here because Christ brought you in, now let me show you how to live it.”