Why is Discipleship Important – Jo Saxton

Jo Saxton discusses why discipleship is so important.

She says, “When I think of why discipleship and disciple making is so important, oh my goodness, I could talk about this for hours really. I would say you know, they were His final orders. Great Commission: Go into all the world and make disciples.

And also when we look at the life of Jesus, when you see the span of the three years He was on earth and you look at the studies, theologians and scholars estimate that 18 months of His time was spent investing in the disciples which gives us incite into His priorities.

We see that the way He did things was He gathered a random group of people and He poured His life into them. There were crowds who wanted His attention all the time and He’d pull away to be with them, because Jesus understands something that we need to get back to understanding—when you make disciples, you get a missional movement.

When you make disciples the way He made disciples the World is changed. And I think what we need to understand is how He did it and to really get back to scripture and look at the structure of it and the texture of it, because the way we do discipleship isn’t producing the results He did. And chances are we’re missing some of the texture of the way Jesus made disciples.”