Having A Hard Time With Evangelism? Start Here.

Jo Saxton shares why we should look for people of peace.

She says, “…what Jesus sends them to do is looks for the person of peace…and it’s a reproducible strategy. We already see it in Luke 9 when Jesus sends out the 12. We see it in the book of Acts with Peter and Cornelius, Paul and Lidia, Phillip and the Ethiopian eunuch looking for these people who are people of peace.

And what we see in scripture is the person of peace is the one who welcomes you, who will receive who you are, who is open to you, open to what you have to say about Jesus, open to the life you live because of Jesus. But they’re also someone who serves you. So often when we’re seeking to minister we want to do everything for somebody else, but the person of peace often wants to make a contribution in some way.

Now your person of peace could be a passing relationship…Sometimes your person of peace is a permanent relationship…Who are your people of peace? Who are the people in your life…? Who are the people of peace who are open to you, who welcome you, who serve you, and the Kingdom of God is near by.”


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