What Is Worth Losing Everything For?

David Platt shares what it means to follow Christ and the dangers of being safe.

He says, “I think about two families that we just sent out last month, one moving to the heart of the Middle East, the other moving to the heart of Central Asia, both among extremely difficult, dangerous to reach people groups. And one of these husbands tells our church, ‘Some of you think we’re being reckless.’

And he’s sitting there with his wife, his two young kids going to the heart of the Muslim Middle East…He looked at our church and he said, ‘I think we’re in far greater danger of being safe than we are reckless in contemporary Christianity…’ Followers of Christ, we do not bow at the alter of safety in this world!

We die to self.

We die to sin.

We risk our lives in obedience to Him!

This is what it means to follow Him.

To follow Jesus is to hold loosely to the things of this world: Comfort, careers, possessions, positions, family, friends, safety, ourselves. To cling tightly to the person of Christ and the mission of His Kingdom! Now that may sound extreme to some, but don’t forget who the ‘me’ is here. To leave behind, to lay down, abandon everything in your life doesn’t make sense until you realize who Jesus is.

But when you realize who He is, when you realize who Christ the King is, leaving behind, laying down, abandoning everything in our lives is the only thing that makes sense…Brothers and sisters, we have found in this King someone who is worth loosing everything for.”

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