What is the Value of Business? – Rodolpho Carrasco

Rodolpho Carrasco discusses the value of business for Christians.

He says, “Business is an outstanding Christian calling. Just as some are called to preach, some are called to teach, some are called to business. In our churches we need to affirm business people. Business people don’t get affirmed enough. You ask them to give money, sit on the board, sit on the finance committee, we have a capital campaign, if you’re on a mission trip here’s a brush and paint with everyone else. We have no idea who these business people are. We don’t understand their skills…We need to affirm the business people. We need to commission them. We need to pray over them. We need to talk to them. Don’t talk to them about their money. Talk to them about creating value, about providing the needed goods and services in our society, about developing skills, about developing the people in their businesses.”