Why Should We Cultivate Our Souls – Tara Russell

Tara Russell asks the question, “How effectively are you cultivating the life of your own soul?”

She says, “I have no doubt that all of you are cultivating the lives of those in your communities. But how effectively are you cultivating the life of your own soul? When we look at God in Genesis who laid the foundations of the earth, we think of being made in His image, but see very quickly after He called us to do work…He also nourished us. He gave us every plant baring seed. See I believe nourishment was apart of God’s very initial and intentional plan for our lives. If any of you are parents…think about your kids. My kids love to paint, and build, and draw, and glue, and make me stuff. And everyday my kids bring me more stuff to plaster the refrigerator with, but at the end of the day I recycle it, because I know tomorrow they’re going to make me more stuff. What I long for with my kids is just for them to crawl into my lap, for them just to be with me. We can’t lose fact that God is our Heavenly Father first, so I think we’re living a time of dangerous potential. I think we have radical visions to change the world. I know I do, but I think we can’t lose track of the cultivation of our own souls first…I’ve entered this really beautiful intimate season with God, just letting Him love me. And it’s just been so nourishing. See I don’t think that God wants us not to execute on all the dreams and visions that we have, but I do think He wants us to take a really hard look at how we execute on those visions. What’s going to distinguish us from the rest of the world?”