Why the Gospel is Good News for Pastors

Jeff Vanderstelt explains why the gospel is good news for pastors.

He says, “And the Spirit says, ‘Stop your groveling! This is not about you and your performance. This is not about you and making up for your rebellion. This is about you exalting in the One Perfect Son and you’re not Him. He is!’ And so I’m reminded Christ went to the cross to pay for the ways in which I’ve squandered the inheritance, the ways in which I’ve exchanged the truth of God for the lie and the ways in which I’ve trusted in my own works instead of His works. And I have to exalt in Him! See the point of the Gospel is not just that we would be saved, but that He would be glorified in our salvation…Don’t you understand that you can even sin really, really well and God’s still glorified, because you just proved that you needed the cross…

Even when you really, really screw it up bad, He looks good! And when you come to Him and say your grace is sufficient for me, He looks good…And if you reject His grace and you live a life of guilt and shame and despair, He looks good, because He said that’s what would happen if you looked to something else to save you. So, it doesn’t matter what you do, He looks good…The Father is pursuing you relentlessly. He is after you and He’s pursuing you and He loves you!”