The Future Church – Leonce Crump

Leonce Crump answers the question, “What is the future of the church in America today?”

He says, “I believe we have done church the same way for so long that the idea of a new yet simultaneously ancient form of doing church is almost inconceivable. The idea of living in natural rhythms of life in community. The idea that the Sunday gathering isn’t the end all, be all, the big show, got to get everybody in. The idea of being sent rather than saying ‘come to us.’ Some of those things are almost inconceivable, because church to some degree has become industry. It’s become an easy desk job for intelligent men who don’t want to work with their hands, but for who may not necessarily have a vision for changing the world wit this powerful message of the Gospel.

And I think unless we re-conceptualize from the scriptures what the church was intended to be—a body of people, a body of believers moving toward the reign of God while proclaiming the goodness and glory and grace of God  to those who are not embracing the reign of God—then I think we’re going to continue to drift into irrelevance…”

This post is apart of Verge Network’s The Future Church series.

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