The Future Church – Propaganda

Propaganda answers the question, “What is the future of the church in America today?”

He says, “…I think it can be bright. I think that there seems to be a kind of like a push, a push back at least, to the central truths and authentic living…I also feel like there’s a, kind of a faction of the church that if anything is kind of chasing the culture and feels the need to apologize for the parts that it’s gotten wrong and in some senses to pacify, sometimes rightfully so. But then other times it’s like dude, grow a back bone. It’s okay to disagree with something.

[box type=”shadow” align=”alignright” width=”5″ ]You don’t have to be afraid of the culture. Get in, get your hands dirty. Let’s build. We are different.[/box]

I think the church in America, to me it seems like there’s those two factions. My hope for the future is that those two would meet and will get a push for essential truth and the centrality of the Gospel…Reality is that that’s what’s going to change folk, you know. And us living that out authentically, not like making our evangelism be this kind of tally-mark type, notches on your belt, you just go on Saturday from 11-1 run up to random strangers and be real weird and then when those strangers look at you weird running back home saying, ‘I got persecuted for the faith.’ No, you didn’t. You’re just a weirdo. But people authentically living out their faith and giving an answer for their hope.

But who knows, I feel like the future is almost the same as the past. The church has always been like that; there’s factions pushing, there’s factions pulling…One of the pastor up in Portland that kind of looks over our label says, ‘Look dude, I’m not telling you the church don’t have problems. I’m part of it, but whatever beef we have with the church, that’s a lovers quarrel. I love the church. I love what we’re doing. She may be kind of limping, but that’s my girl…I think the future, hopefully, is one with a highlighting of the truth and authentic living.”


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