The Future Church – Jo Saxton

Jo Saxton continues Verge Network’s The Future Church series by answering the question, “What is the future of the church in America today?”

She says, “When I think about the future of the church in America today, I say the future is everyday, ordinary and missional….I know in some ways they become like buzz words; they sound quite faddish in their own special way. What I mean is, there are more and more people who think America isn’t a Christian country and I think that’s quite nice. I mean I know people are afraid of that, but I’m like if all things people have thought of as institution  don’t work, that’s great, because out of the rubble we can talk about Jesus again. Out of the rubble we can re-introduce Him! Out of what we call sort of a cultural earthquake, we can  represent Him healthily again. I say everyday, because Jesus always was. I say missional, because He sent us to connect with people. So for me I think the future of the church is everyday people who have met Him sharing Him with everyday people about what He’s like and who He is and the church being who He always designed us to be immersed in the world around us.”


Over the next few weeks Verge Network will be running a series of posts on The Future Church.

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