What If 10,000 People Prayed Weekly For Libya?

Libya is home to nearly 6.2 million people and approximately 28 unreached people groups. Last year a team of cross cultural workers began to pray that God would raise up others to go to these unreached people groups in the nation of Libya. In an effort to get more people to pray, these cross cultural workers started www.luketentwo.net. Their goal is to gather 10,000 people who will commit to praying for Libya once weekly. They have identified 3 particular areas of prayer:

  • Pray that the laborers God sends would get INTO the harvest by getting visas and jobs.
  • Pray FOR the harvest that God would save the Libyan people
  • Pray that FROM the harvest God would raise up more laborers.

If you would like more information or to sign-up to commit to praying for Libya, please visit http://www.luketentwo.net.