Gospel Motivations (Pt. 2)

“If we’re motivating people with an inspiring moment, guilt, shame and fear, or even a paycheck we give them every other week, then we are not motivated by the Gospel. And I for one don’t want to be a part of a movement that isn’t motivated by the love of Jesus. It’s the first commandment. It’s the greatest commandment. And it’s by this they’re supposed to know we’re Christians, not our bumper stickers and our WWJD bracelets, but by our love. And we’re commanded to love one another, our neighbors as ourselves, and even our enemies.

But how can we love our enemies, if we can’t even get along with ourselves? And it all boils down to one thing–Jesus saw you from heaven and said I’m in love! And He was willing to cross the Universe to come down and be a man born of a virgin, born as a baby needing his swaddling clothes changes on a regular basis, learning to speak the One who spoke the world into existence. Why? So He could die on a cross and show you how much He loves you. That my friend is the energy behind any movement.”