How Much Is Enough?

David Platt discusses how much stuff is enough. He explains there is no easy answer, but even the question can be healthy and unhealthy at the same time. It can be unhealthy if it’s being asked to clear one’s conscious, while a healthier response would be knowing that in a time of urgent spiritual and physical need where God has given one much there is an opportunity to give Him the glory! In a world of more, more, more, 1 Timothy 6:6 tells us to live in godliness with contentment is a great gain.

This video was reposted with permission from radical.net — Radical is a parachurch ministry that serves alongside the local church, providing multi-lingual biblical resources birthed in the context of a local church that we hope will support disciple-making in other local churches around the world. Radical serves these churches by providing resources in multiple languages, organizing events on multiple levels, and facilitating opportunities through multiple avenues that all aim to encourage followers of Christ in the global purpose God has designed for us as His people. Many of our resources come from the ministry of David Platt, who serves as one of the pastors of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama.