10 Simple Ways To Be Missional In Your Community – Pt 3

Recently, Josh Reeves wrote several great articles with simple ideas and ways you can be missional in your workplace, as well as simple ways to engage your neighbors (Part 1 & Part 2). Josh will continue sharing new ideas in this 5-part series called Simple Ways To Be Missional In Your City.

And although the word “missional” has become quite a buzzword recently, it really just means that we live every day as missionaries. Jesus said that “As the Father has sent me, so I send you” (John 20:21). That word “sent” is where we get the word “missional.” It simply means that we live as Jesus lived – as sent people who live everyday life with gospel intentionality.

In fact, most of the simple ideas you’ll find below are very much in the context of your everyday life, but when looked at with a lens of gospel intentionality – when viewed through the eyes of a missionary – become not just ordinary tasks, but eternally significant rhythms of your life that are teeming with gospel opportunity:

1. Start a Study Group at a local place that needs business.

2. Be a regular with your kids at the same playscape/restaurant during the day.

3. Ask your local college how you can help serve international students.

4. Get involved with your local lions or rotary club to learn about the community.

5. Find a local tweetup group to meet with regularly.

6. Frequent a live music night at your local coffee shop or bar.

7. Make a routine of taking the family to a evening recreation spot (pool, jump zone, etc.).

8. Find a local philosophy/theology discussion group and become a regular participant.

9. Find a baking meet up group and be a part of their activities.

10. Go to the same hair stylist/barber and get to know them.

Do you have some other ideas or ways that you or your Missional Community have engaged your city? Let us know below in the Comments section!


Missional Tip:

Pick one of these ideas and act on it this week.


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