Reggie McNeal Interview – Missional Communities

In this funny and insightful interview, Stew from Verge Network talks with Reggie McNeal, the bestselling author of The Present Future and Missional Renaissance, about his newest book called Missional Communities: The Rise of the Post-Congregational Church. Missional Communities is the third book in the series that helps to define and illuminate the popular missional movement. This newest book in the trilogy examines a natural outgrowth of the move toward a missional orientation: the deconstruction of congregations into very small Christian communities. For all those thousands of churches and leaders who have followed Reggie McNeal’s bold lead, this book details the rise of a new life form in churches.

  • Gives stories of churches that have moved from an internal to an external ministry focus
  • Outlines an alternative to the program church model that is focused on the projects and passions of the congregants

This book draws on McNeal’s twenty years of leadership roles in local congregations and his work over the last decade with thousands of clergy and church leaders.