Ways To Engage Your Community – Reggie McNeal

“Fewer and fewer people are attracted to the church service and more and more people are attracted to the service of the church.”

More Church’s are pioneering a shift toward community service. Not only are they deploying their own members; they are engaging people outside the church to work in the community. Missional Churches are strategically working together with other churches and non-church organizations to transform their cities and communities. Reggie McNeal, Leadership Network’s missional leadership specialist, examines the trends and other developments in these missional churches.

In this video, Eric Swanson interviews Reggie McNeal about missional churches while Keith Young scribes. They discuss the definition of a missional church and how more churches are participating in community service. Reggie describes the difference between working “for the community” and working “with the community”. In their discussion, they talk about how more Americans consider themselves as “unaffiliated” and how they are increasingly drawn to the types of community service churches are participating in. Reggie and Eric also examine the increase in community cross collaboration needed to solve complex social issues.