Matt Carter: Innovation in Mission | VIDEO

Matt Carter at Exponential 2011: On the Verge

Innovation is the implementation of missional imagination and to do mission as Jesus does it. The goal in this move is for each individual and church to “do it.” The outcome of every Christ follower and church living sent lives on mission is a missional movement.

Matt Carter serves as the Pastor of Preaching and Vision at The Austin Stone Community Church, which has been tremendously blessed since the church began in 2002. Matt’s desire to see the church become an advocate for the welfare of the city of Austin has led to the creation of a network that exists to actively pursue the redemption and renewal of the city for the advancement of the Gospel. The For the City Network provides a platform for organizational collaboration by providing physical space to local non-profits as well as creating a funnel for volunteer engagement. In addition to pastoring at The Austin Stone, Matt is a cancer survivor, co-author of the upcoming book “For the City” and speaker for camps and conferences nationwide. Twitter: @_matt_carter.

Have you experienced the restlessness that Matt describes in this video? What has that looked like for you and your community? How can the church be missional where she is? Join the conversation in the comment box below!