7 Questions Series | RECAP


We spent several months with leading thinkers and practitioners to answer 7 of the most frequently asked questions about missional communities. Join the conversation!


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Question 1: What is a missional community?

Contributors: Neil Cole, Hugh Halter, Mike Breen, Alan Hirsch, Felicity Dale, JR Woodward, & Jeff Vanderstelt

Question 2: How is missional community different from bible study?

Contributors: Jeff Vanderstelt, Caesar Kalinowski, Hugh Halter, JR Woodward, & Matt Carter


Question 3: How do you transition your church to be more missional?

Contributors: Dave Ferguson & Hugh Halter


Question 4: How do you transition your small group to missional community?

Contributors: Matt Smay, Dave Ferguson, & Hugh Halter


Question 5: How do you train missional community leaders?

Contributors: JR Woodward, Jason Dukes, Dave Ferguson, Matt Carter, Reggie McNeal, Hugh Halter,
Lance Ford, & Rob Wegner


Question 6: What do missional communities do?

Contributors: Rob Wegner, Hugh Halter, & Matt Carter


Question 7: Which churches are doing this? What are some of the success? Struggles?

Contributors: Rob Wegner, Hugh Halter, & Jo Saxton