Jo Saxton: Stories of Hope and Struggle | VIDEO


Question 7: What are some of the stories of struggle, danger, and success common among Missional Communities?



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Jo Saxton is a director of 3DM, a movement/organization helping churches develop a discipling and missional way of being the church. Originally from the UK, Jo was college pastor at St. Thomas Church, Sheffield, England, planting missional congregations amongst college students and young adults. Since moving to the US six years ago, Jo has served on church teams discipling young leaders and planting missional communities in areas ranging from the suburbs to the inner city. Jo is also the author of Real God, Real Life, exploring authentic spirituality in today’s world (released in 2010) Influential (2011) exploring the subject of women in leadership. Jo loves running, good music, reading books, blogs and magazines and laughing loudly with family and friends over a great meal. Jo is married to Chris, a pastor and they have two amazing daughters, Tia and Zoë. They live in Southern California. Twitter: @josaxton

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